curriculum vitae of Rozemarijn Lucassen
6 October 1980: born in The Hague

September 2002: study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (fashiondesign), graduated on 4 June 2004
September 1999: study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague (free design)

30 Juli - 28 August 2012: open air exhibition 'Beelden maken het hof' by Pulchri in the Hofje van Nieuwkoop, The Hague (group)
30 Juni - 5 August 2012: exhibition 'Summernest' in Nestruimte in the DCR in The Hague (group)

14 October 2011: exhibition during 'Hoogtij' in Theatre Zeebelt in The Hague (group)
30 July - 28 August 2011: exhibition 'Summernest' in Nest in the DCR in The Hague (group)
July 30th 2011: presentation by Foundation Post 15 in Pecsbagota, Hongary (group)
9 April - 1 May 2011: 'Najaarssalon'; memberexhibition in Pulchri Studio The Hague (group)

30 September 2010: Pecha Kucha presentation in Pecs, Hongary
11 Sepember - 28 September 2010: exhibition 'Haagse Dames' at Haagse Kunstkring (group)
7 Augustus - 5 September 2010: exhibition 'Summernest' in Nestruimte in the DCR in The Hague (group)
10 July - 28 August 2010: exhibition 'Huid' in Corrosia! in Almere (group)

26 September - 25 October 2009: 'Najaarssalon'; memberexhibition in Pulchri Studio The Hague (group)
13 - 17 May 2009: exhibition 'Hidden Delights' by Artkitchen and Galerie A at the Art-Amsterdam (group)
May - December 2009: exhibitions in several governmental buildings by the traveling Museum voor overbodig beleid (group)
18 January - 15 February 2009: exhibition ‘Un salon du DCR’ in the DCR (group)

16 August - 4 September 2008: textile exhibition in Pulchri Studio in The Hague (group)
8 March - 11 April 2008: presentation at 'Ondertussen' in Stroom The Hague (solo)
July 2007 – June 2008: own posterseries ‘Zoem’ published each month in newspaper Haags Straatnieuws

25 August - 16 September 2007: exhibition 'Progress in beeld' in Pulchri Studio in The Hague (group)
14 June – 26 July 2007: exhibition ‘Nest’ in the DCR (group)
June – October 2007: exhibition in several governmental buildings by the traveling Museum voor overbodig beleid (group)
8 January 2007: broadcasting animation ‘Vraatzucht’ by Teleac/NOT as intro in a televisionprogramme about nature and durability

21 October - 9 December 2006: exhibition ‘Larynx’ in the Christus Triumfatorchurch in The Hague (solo)
23 September / 22 October 2006: 'Najaarssalon'; memberexhibition in Pulchri Studio in The Hague (group)
12 - 14 September 2006: exhibition ‘Light in the Dark’ during the Japanese Artfesival in The Old Church, Amsterdam (group)
29 July - 27 August 2006: exhibition ‘Hier is mijn lichaam’ together with Piia Maria in galery Bianca in de molen in Wassenaar (duo)
8 April - 3 May 2006: 'Voorjaarssalon'; memberexhibition in Pulchri Studio in The Hague (group)
1 April - 5 June 2006: exhibition ‘ikke ikke ikke’ in the Stanley Brown Building in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht (group)
11 February - 5 March 2006: exhibition ‘De tekenaar’  in Pulchri Studio in The Hague (group)
17 December 2005 - 8 January 2006: exhibition ‘Stand van Zaken’ by Stroom The Hague (group)
14 September 2005 - January 2006: exhibition ‘ikke ikke ikke’ in Villa Zebra in Rotterdam (group)

22 September - 9 October 2005: memberexhibition of the BBK in Arts Place in Amsterdam (group)
11 June - 26 June 2005: open air-exhibition De Kunstcamping in Bernheze (group)
15/16 May 2005: sellingexhibition 'Rietveld naar de Beurs' in Amsterdam (group)
15 January - 14 February 2005: exhibition ‘Geslaagde Kunst’, in StAA galery in Alphen a.d. Rijn (trio)

16 October 2004: animation showed during the FairFood Filmfestival in Utrecht (group)
September 2004:animations broadcasted by VPRO Nachtpodium (group)
1 - 4 June 2004: graduation exhibition Gerrit Rietveld Academy (group)
21 December 2003 - 25 January 2004: exhibition ‘Tooi’ in the Castle of Rhoon (group)

1 November 2003: animation showed during the technologyfestival 'Homo Sapiens 2.0', by the Rathenau Institute in science centre Nemo, Amsterdam (group)
March 2003: short film 'Diep in mij' showed during 'Hard kijken'; festival of the studentfilm, Arnhem (group)
February 2003: presentation of the 'Breathdress' during technologyfestival 'Sonic Lights' in Paradiso, Amsterdam (group)

September 2011: costume and interactive presentations to promote the website (discussionblog for the artscene in The Hague).
fall 2010: animation for Kiemkracht (Innovation group)
July 2010: design and realisation of 100 exclusive goodiebags for Kiemkracht (Innovation group)
December 2009: imagedesigns for the introduction of Biochar at the climate conference in Copenharen for Provincie Groningen
2008/2009: digitally altered photo images for Kiemkracht (Innovation group)
2008/2009: illustrations for research-project Manybody; Dylan Newcomb
January 2009: costumes for Un dia tabata; Karine Guizzo (modern dance)
June 2008: costumes for Stranddans, Dylan Newcomb (modern dance)
2003 - 2007: illustrations for newspaper Haags Straatnieuws
2003 - 2007:several designassignments for the Ministry of Traffic and Waterschip
June - November 2003:props for the televisionseries ‘Egoland’ by Animation World Studio’s for BNN
also for: The Free University, theatreworkshop Tiuri, VPRO, theatregroup Zinq, foundation OER, Justitie Magazine, event Happy Chaos, individuals

September 22th 2012: nomination Van Ommeren - De Voogtprize of Pulchri Studio
April 2011: first prize Jacob Hartogprize of Pulchri Studio
April 2009: investsubsidy of Stroom The Hague
June 2007: projectsubsidy of municipal The Hague
March 2007: projectsubsidy of Stroom The Hague
October 2006: projectsubsidy of Stroom The Hague
April 2006: second prize Jacob Hartogprize of Pulchri Studio
July 2005: individual presentationsubsidy of Stroom The Hague
December 1999: second prize essaycompetition My world in 2040, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Royalrelationships and the Millennium Platform

September 2010: workshopprogram FingerMarks by Accessories Foundation at glovefactories in Pecs, Hongary
October 2010: short workperiod at Post 15, Hongary

4 May 2012: jurymember for the Jacob Hartog Prize in  Pulchri in The Hague
May 2011 - now: teaching for Nest in The Hague
September 2009: short writing-workshops during the Uitfestival in Utrecht
June 2009: individual creative sessions for the Moonproject in Utrecht
October 2005 - May 2010: teaching for theSKVR in Rotterdam
September 2005 - now: participating in the cultural breedingplace de DCR in The Hague
2005 - now: freelance receptionist at Stroom in The Hague
November 2005 - November 2008: teaching for the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague

memberships: Pulchri Studio, BBK, Stroom The Hague

rozemarijn lucassen